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Def3 – “Hug Life” – CD (2005 Very Rare)

$25.00 + Tax & Shipping

This was my first solo album ever and has been sold out for well over 15 years. It features production mainly from Merky Waters and a few of my own as well. I recently found 3 of these hiding in a box at my parent’s place so thought I’d throw theem online. As embarrassed as I am of this project, I get hit up all the time about this album so I thought I’d hook up some true fans who may want them. It’s not even available to stream or Download anywhere on the web that I know of. Hard to believe I made it 18 years ago! Definitely one for the true Def3 Collector.

Note: The CDS are sealed but unfortunately they do have a crack in the cover that’s an easy fix if you have any other CDS in your collection. I’m guessing you would if you bought one.